We are Bioprime - digital and intelligent

Step Back and Watch
Your  Data Learning

The COPRA system keeps your data save

smart and reliable

Copra6, one of the most famous PDMS in Europe is used in several larger university hospitals particular in Germany and Switzerland. Stability, reliability and safety are the crucial factors.


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Castor EDC accelerates your research

Castor EDC supercharging
clinical studies

Faster, smarter research. Castor is a cloud-based data solution, enabling researchers to easily capture and integrate data from any source. Thousands of medical device, biotech, and academic researchers around the world are using Castor EDC.


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Our involvement increases your productivity

Professionalism and

Faster results and save money are many times the key factors for automatization and digitalization. With technical experience and our wide knowledge in medical, pharmcutical and biotechnical, we transform project in a safe and smart way.

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Our digital Services

Our services are tailored for hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, Biotech companies and public health system.

  • Manage medical projects
  • Develop public health strategy
  • Design survey forms
  • Analyze health data
  • Design study phases
  • Develop complex CRFs
  • Analyze study data
  • Aggregate external study data

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